TP-Link TL-SX105 | 5 Port 10G Multi-Gigabit Desktop Switch
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TP-Link TL-SX105 | 5 Port 10G Multi-Gigabit Desktop Switch

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TP-Link TL-SX105 | 5 Port 10G Multi-Gigabit Desktop Switch

Introducing the TL-SX105 V3 5-Port 10G Desktop Switch, the ultimate networking solution that maximizes your 10G/Multi-Gig bandwidth. With lightning-fast 10-Gigabit ports and up to 100 Gbps of switching capacity, this switch ensures seamless connectivity and blazing-fast connections for a wide range of applications. Experience unparalleled speed and performance for devices like 10G NAS, servers, gaming computers, and WiFi 6 APs, without any lag or slow transfer speeds.


Designed for LAN parties, home entertainment, small offices, and workstations, the TL-SX105 V3 excels in various scenarios. It supports high-quality video streaming, provides reliable connectivity, and enhances productivity. With auto-negotiation for 5-speed connections, it ensures optimal performance and compatibility for all your connected devices, adapting to their link speeds for the best experience.


One of the standout features of the TL-SX105 V3 is its fanless design, guaranteeing silent operation. Whether you're at home or in a business setting, enjoy a peaceful environment without the distracting noise of cooling fans. Additionally, it's durable metal casing and professional heat dissipation design make it suitable for different environments, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.


Setting up the TL-SX105 V3 is a breeze thanks to its plug-and-play design and support for auto MDI/MDIX. No technical expertise is required, allowing anyone to effortlessly install and get their network up and running quickly. Don't settle for slow connections when you can upgrade to the TL-SX105 V3 and unlock the full potential of your 10G/Multi-Gig bandwidth. Enjoy lightning-fast connections, seamless performance, and take your network to the next level. Upgrade now and experience the difference.


  • Five 10 Gbps Ports: 5× 10-Gigabit ports unlock the highest performance of your 10G/Multi-Gig bandwidth and devices, and provide up to 100 Gbps of switching capacity
  • Lightning-Fast Connections: Provides lightning-fast connections to 10G NAS, Server, 10G PCIe Adapter/ NIC, gaming computer, 2.5G/5G/10G WiFi 6 AP, 8K video, and more
  • Ideal for Various Scenarios: Built for lightning-fast connections in LAN parties, home entertainment, small and home offices, and workstations
  • Optimal 5-Speed Connections: Auto-negotiation for 5-speed (100Mbps/1G/2.5G/5G/10G) connections provide optimal performance
  • Silent Operation: The revolutionary fanless design ensures unprecedented silent operation, ideal for any home or business
  • Durable Metal Casing: Durable metal casing, desktop/wall-mounting, and professional heat dissipation design are well suited for different environments
  • Plug and Play: Allows for easy deployment without the need for a technician


3-year limited warranty


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SKU 006.008.0131
Manufacturer Part# TL-SX105
GTIN 845973088057
Form Factor Desktop
PoE No PoE
Number of Ports 5
Predominant Port Type 10G
Colour Black
Warranty 3 Years
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